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If you are looking for the best value for your education in One coin
the tycoon package gives you the most value for you money it comes come with all 5 levels of the One academy education package were you will learn all about how to buy sell and trade cryptocurrencies such as the One coin and all about & gold investment and much much more.. But you also receive free Arum gold coins with this tycoon package that give you 250 free gold coins  and you are qualified  for all 4 levels and earning  the matching bonus  you up to 10% your 1st level or generation 10% on the 2nd generation 20% on your 3rd. and 25% on your 4th. generation matching bonus is designed to help you grow your team and make you more successful. when you help others earn you qualified for this by simply placing one person of a trader package or higher 1 on your left and one on your right  gets you qualified

Tycoon Package Splits

Tycoon Package splitstycoontrader package

Tycoon package Split is very special simply, because its the only package that split twice or 2 times every other education package from started level to executive level only splits once the tycoon package starts  with 60,000 tokens to start with which means if it splits twice it give you a total of 240,000 tokens for mining.. The current price  to mine the one coin is 13 to 1 meaning it takes 13 tokens to mine 1 one coin  the tokens are about 10cents each and the current price of the one coin is currently at 1.15 cents each so lets do some quick math here if we took 240,000 tokens into mining @13 to 1 it would give us a total of 21,870.2   one coins and at its current rate 0f 1.15 and rinsing that would give you a total of  25,150.73 in euros convert that to USD.  and you have a grand total of 27,776.7  on the low side  at the current exchange rate of the tycoon package ,So there is your risk!!!  below are some strategies that I have used to diverse my portfolio and maximize them for the most profit Cheap Girls Air Jordan 3.

Tycoon Package Strategies

tycoontrader packageTycoon package strategies

For mining for the one coin in a sort term strategies you looking for over the is about 4 to 5 mouth  you can cash out quickly and still looking at a return  of 31-45k if you are thinking more long term like I am let me just give you some long term stagiest here if you simply wait and have some patience lets say over the next 8-12 mo or even 2 year you will be looking at a return of 235-450k or more this is a once in a life time chance to secure yourself a position in the mining pool..

The mining the pool is were all your tokens will be placed so that you may position to start mining the One coin time plays a big factor in this mining process simply explained is that the early you join the more you will profit from this simply because at this point the cost for mining the one coin is 13 to 1 so that means it takes 13 tokens to to create 1 one coin at this point ,but very soon its gonna cost you 14 to 15 tokens or more to mine a single one coin as time moves forward the one coin has a 1 year prediction to reach the 3 to 5  dollar range or more per. coin. And now you can see how people who started mining in the beginning how they will truly profit from this trend..

Myself I started mining rate at 5 tokens per coin and have watched it grow with lots of  and enthusiasm as the one coin now has over 450,000 members and climbing everyday in growth and in mining difficulty this is surly a great chance to change ones income very quickly,and buy the way this is passive..

Once your tokens are mining and you receive your one coins you can sell some them on the one exchange coins to re cope your your cost for the tycoon education package and keep the rest to sell at a later date as you watch the price of the one coin rise but for those of of that are leaders the fact that you are reading this tells me your a leader and leaders do more that he average lets say you did ore that the average and went out and built a team like me at a tycoon trader you will receive up to 25% on all your personal sponsored reps up to four generations we aren’t looking for 1000 people but we want to take the simple concept of 2 just teach two people and help them get two if you take on this simple concept your business will explode with growth in a very short period of time, by now you can see the benefits  to having a tycoon package  if you would like to join this us in this movement let me show you how easy it is to get your self started with a tycoon package new balance mw950



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